Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fashion vs. Function: Police Stations in Niles and Skokie

I was in Niles and neighboring Skokie for a couple of days recently. Both have fairly new police stations--I took at look at them while I was there. The Niles Police Station looks like it was more than a bit pricey:

The building appearance of the Niles Police Station just jumps right out of the environment--I am not sure how to describe it. It looks like it was built to impress and attract attention. If something like that got built for DeKalb, it would be labeled a "Taj Mahal."

Neighboring Skokie's Police Station is new:

The appearance of the Skokie Police Station fits in with the neighborhood and it looks more functional. There is a sizable Holiday Inn and Convention Center almost kitty corner from it right on Touhy. Having Skokie's Station a half block off Touhy places it on a road that would be safer to exit in an emergency.

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