Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Do Not Make Police Stations Like This Anymore

I liked the architecture of this building and the statue and stopped to take a picture. It turns out this is a police station. The location is Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum, mountains, and ski resorts. I have no idea who the Greek god looking statue is of but the sign on the right has the symbols of the Graubunden Canton, the black and white blocks, the blue and yellow symbol, and the flying ibex. The city of Davos is in that canton.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Candidates for Sheriff

Update: Current Sheriff Scott won the Republican primary.


OK, it was really foggy Saturday afternoon but sheesh, this was during daylight hours:

Speaking of foggy, what is with people driving without the use of any type of headlights? I really do not understand the people who drove white or gray vehicles that matched the color of the snow, the fog, and/or the road on Saturday without their headlights on in the fog.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Because We Cannot Afford Everything . . .

I would expect that because of tight budgets today compared to 2001 and 2005, there will be fewer first responders sent from Illinois to Haiti, compared to 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina.

At least CNN could afford to send Anderson Cooper to Haiti, and he gets my vote for honorary first responder:

I do not spend household budget money on expensive cable, so I do not have CNN and I am days late in learning about this story. At least CNN posted content on their Web site.