Thursday, November 26, 2009 Goes 'James Bond' sells far more than just books, from pepper spray disguised as lipstick to a stun gun masquerading as a cell phone. On, search for:

Self Defensive Lipstick Pepper Spray

K95 Stun Gun Power Phone

Self Defensive Flashlight Stun LB 800 Million

Disclaimer: I do not work for and not all stun gun products can be shipped to Illinois, Massachusetts, or New York, all states with so-called 'liberal' voters and politicians who are not so liberal on weapons.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today's Geography Lesson

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Thanks to a tipster, DeKalb Police caught an alleged burglar. The Daily Chronicle covered the story, with this curious description:

"As many as 50 residential burglaries have occurred since June in an area just west of First Street and north of Annie Glidden Road, Spangler said."

Click the up arrow on the map to see how far north Annie Glidden Road goes outside DeKalb, past Route 72.